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Walter and Lieth climate diagrams in R

Climate diagrams are useful tools which provide a visual summary of average climate conditions for a place over a specified period of time. This guide will explain the different parts of a Walter and Lieth climate diagram, and show you how to create one in R using the "climatol" package. This package provides a really quick and easy way to make good-looking Walter and Lieth climate diagrams. But, this guide will also show you how to create one from scratch (no packages needed!).

High resolution photos of Cedrus atlantica and Cedrus deodara pollen

Last year I published a paper on the pollen morphology of Cedrus atlantica (Atlas cedar) pollen. As part of this study I took several light microscope (LM) and scanning electron microscope (SEM) photos of the pollen grains.

Some of the photos were published as part of the paper which is available open access here:, although the photos were scaled down, and not all of them were published, including the ones for Cedrus deodara (Himalayan cedar).

A recent Twitter post talking about how researchers take loads of great photos, which are then scaled down for publishing inspired me to upload the originals.

So, I've now uploaded all the high resolution LM and SEM photos that were taken as part of this study, in their original and unedited form (.tif files) to Mendeley Data. You can find the photos here:

Please feel free to use the photos however you like!