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I am currently a postdoctoral researcher working on a project investigating climate and environmental change during the Holocene in Morocco's High Atlas mountains. I have a background in Quaternary palynology (the study of pollen and spores for the last ~2.6 million years), as well as environmental and climate change (recent and historical). I completed my PhD in 2017 which was about the geochemistry of Cedrus atlantica pollen, and what it can tell us about the climate and environment at The University of Manchester. This involved stable carbon isotope analysis on the pollen, as well as "biomarker" analysis using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometry (FTIR). You can read more about my research on my publications page.

During my PhD I learnt to use R, which I used extensively for statistical analysis, looking at climate data, producing figures, and for creating maps and GIS work. I have also recently started to play around with Python.

Part of the motivation for this blog is to share code and techniques I have used, explained in a way that is easy to understand! The blog will include guides and tutorials for the analysis of environmental and climate data, for producing good-looking figures for publication, and for producing maps using R. Other blog content will include stuff related to science and research, as well as some study guides/tips I picked up along the way.

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