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Loops in R: Nested loops

Programming loops are a way to repeat blocks of code to perform the same task over and over again. R offers the same functionality to perform repetitive tasks, allowing to write less and more efficient code.

This guide follows on from my introduction to loops guide, and shows you have to use nested loops in R. A nested loop is a loop within a loop.

BES Masterclass: Using R for mapping and spatial analysis

Today I presented at the British Ecological Society Palaeoecology Group "Masterclass in R" seminar series on using R for mapping and spatial analysis.

If you couldn't make the presentation and would like to see what I spoke about, as well as access the full R code, read more for details!

Fixing the default plot window on Linux for high DPI displays

Running R on Linux with a high-DPI display and finding that the default plot window is too small and looks terrible?

Click read more to find out how to fix it!